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McHenry Deputies and MURDER IN MCHENRY

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In promoting my father’s story I get to speak to a lot of people. I really enjoy it, and I get to talk to all different kinds of people. The last few weeks the people I’ve been talking to are deputies with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. Yes, the book is making its way around the Sheriff’s office. I think it’s excellent that some of the deputies want to share my story.

It means a lot to me. As you can imagine, I have not been a fan of law enforcement. I think it’s understandable but it’s a tough way to live. It is true that it was the McHenry County Sheriff’s office that victimized the Scharff and Freeman families. It is also true that I’ve gotten an immense amount help from former cops in my father’s case. True crime author Denny Griffin and my co-author Keith Bettinger are both retired cops. Dennis Arnoldy, who was a big help, retired from the FBI. And there were others that either directly or indirectly helped. I still have to remind myself that all law enforcement is not bad but I’m getting better with it.

I think it’s important to note that my battle is not with everyone that wears a badge. My battles with those that were connected with the Outfit back in the day and those that want to hide it today. I was speaking to one deputy, and they brought up a valid point or a concern actually. They wondered while they were driving down the street and in particular if they had to drive through Lakemoor, what people were thinking of them because of my book. I immediately pondered that thought. It gave me a shiver down my spine at the thought of somebody saying or calling a deputy corrupt or something like it, when all they do is work hard and give back to the community. That is why I’m writing this blog today.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpI’m not saying that all deputies are not doing dirt, because I think that some are. However, I think a majority of them are what we expect, unselfish, dedicated, tireless, and with integrity. As citizens it’s important for us not to classify someone as being corrupt because of what they do for employment. Remember where some of these people work. They work at the Sheriff’s office. I would suggest that they are probably victims to. When there’s corruption at the top level, a culture emerges that teaches others that it’s best to play ball. When talking to these deputies I felt that it is part of their culture at work. In this environment you don’t question anything or you could be subjected to being bullied by your higher-ups. Does that sound like a place where you want to work?

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpThat is not a place for anyone to work especially those that risk their lives to serve the public. These deputies deserve more and so do we. Corruption won’t be easy to root out. When we find it, we need to jump on it and not let it sit. That is why my father’s story is so important to tell. We have examples of obvious mob connection from the past, and the current administration that does not want to talk about it.  Even trying to control what you and I get to know.

Let’s agree that we all are victimized by failed systems from all sides of the fence. Let’s demand more for our community and for our law enforcement. Educates ourselves on the current events of our community and arm yourself with knowledge. Read, Cal Skinner’s blog at or Gus Philpott’s blog the . If you have never read them before I think that you will be shocked and appalled in no time at all. Do a Search on Zinke or Nygren. Then when everyone is mad enough, work together and use your vote to make change. Is everyone mad enough yet?

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