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Will McHenry County be Ripped Off by Special Interest in Sheriff Election?

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Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers

Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers

I am going to change gears and talk about the potential of having our election for Sheriff being ripped off by special interest dumping cash into the election. I will get back to Mob Con Part II next week if nothing else comes up.

This week on , Cal Skinner wrote an article on a contribution to Undersheriff’s Andrew Zinke’s campaign for sheriff. Here is the article . Local 150 popped $12,308.50 for signs. This is almost half of what Zinke had in the bank for his campaign, so it is a large contribution.

My concern is about an election that should be decided on merit now being decided on marketing. Bill Prim vs. Andrew Zinke is a no brainer and most in the community will see it that way, so on merit Zinke does not have a chance. However, the Regime has friends with very large pocketbooks and have the potential buying the election through large contributions and shouting over everyone else. This is the only way that Zinke can win so it will be the route taken. This should concern us all.

If you read the local blogs and the comment sections you will see that the election has already started and has become very heated. Each side has a large stake in all of this. Those of us in the Bill Prim camp our fighting to get our community back and rid our community of corruption and gain transparency for our processes. The Regime is fighting to maintain control of their power and influence of McHenry County. So what is Local 150’s angle in all of this? I don’t know but we need to find out.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpWhy is this union kicking in so hard on this election when they are based in over 40 counties in five states? This is a red flag.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpThis is what I propose to do about this. I am going to write a letter to Mr. James M. Sweeney, President-Business Manager of Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers. You will find a copy of this letter below. In this letter I am detailing what it is that they are really supporting, which is corruption. Everything from fixing tickets, to child pornography, to solicitation of murder. We are going to gut check Local 150. I am also going to cc a contact that I have over at the National Legal and Policy Center. The NLPC has a long history of working with citizens to expose corruption in government. Let it be known that we are watching and now taking action when things don’t pass the smell test. When we see something that is not right, that becomes an invitation to poke around; the Regime does not like that kind of stuff.

You can play a role in this too. Contact Mr. James M. Sweeney. Let him know that you are watching. Send him a letter or leave him a message that you are looking forward to hearing a reply back to my letter, but contact him. Let’s take this opportunity to move into action and fight for what is ours, the community of McHenry County. I will post the response from the union when I get it and below is their contact information. When you show action, you spark fear in the heart of the Regime and their supporters, so take ACTION NOW!!




Local 150 Headquarters/District 1 Hall​

6200 Joliet Road, Countryside, Illinois, 60525​ 708-482-8800​ ​708-482-7186


Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpLETTER TO JAMES SWEENEY OF LOCAL 150

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpCC: Ken Boehm, Chairman of National Legal and Policy Center


Dear Mr. James M. Sweeney,

My name is Paul Scharff and I would like to introduce myself and inquire about a contribution that Local 150 had made to Andrew Zinke’s campaign for sheriff. Before I inquire I should explain who I am first.

I am the oldest son of Ronald Scharff who was gunned down at our bar in Lakemoor, IL, the same location of your District 3 Hall in 1981. He was killed with his employee Patricia Freeman, a mother of two. This murder was unsolved for 27 years until it was brought to my attention that murderer was named in a former mobster’s book. Andrew Zinke was assigned to reinvestigate my father’s case. Although the murderer was correctly named as the killer of my father and Ms. Freeman, Andrew Zinke’s conduct and treatment of myself, as the families representative, throughout the investigation was unbecoming to say the least.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpBesides creating his own milestones that he continually failed to meet, he was secretive and not forthcoming of any new information. He would not return my phone calls for status updates until I contacted the NBC 5 News Chicago. Channel 5, in turn contacted him on my behalf. He then gave me a detective to contact for status updates. That same detective told me that he could not provide me any new information. I inquired about my parents guns that were taken into evidence that have gone unaccounted for. He told me that they did not find them in the evidence sheets or photos, so they did not exist. However, multiple witness statements states that Sheriff Deputies were in procession of at least one of my father’s gun or guns. After 1,200 man hours into this investigation the only new information that he provided to myself, my mother, and my two brothers is that the woman that more or less called a hit on my father also accused my father of raping her. She did make the accusation but I think the information provided was for my benefit to slow down my pursuit of the truth. Even today, I am fighting to get the remainder of my father’s file, a 32 year old murder case that is solved, and all the people relevant to the case are all dead. I know longer think that I am chasing ghosts in my pursuit of justice, but live guilty people and Andrew Zinke hides them.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpHere is what I was able to uncover in less than 20 man hours that Andrew Zinke felt was not as relevant of the woman’s accusation of rape, an accusation that Andrew Zinke himself felt was untrue. I traced the original investigator Sheriff George Hendle to the Chicago Outfit (mob). He was going to testify on behalf my father’s murderer in a different murder trial. The man that killed my father was convicted in 1957 of a triple murder prior to these three additional murders, a fact that George Hendle knew. George Hendle was also subpoenaed to testify on behalf of Tony Spilotro. If you are unsure who he is, Joe Pesci’s character in the movie CASINO was based on him. I have plenty of other supporting evidence in the form of news articles, FBI reports, and witness statements.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpIf my personal experience of a murder victim’s son is not convincing of the lack of moral fiber and the character of Andrew Zinke, consider some of his other actions. He tipped off Brian Goode that he was a person of interest in a joint operation with his own sheriff’s department and the DEA. In a ten month period 60,000 pounds of marijuana was being trafficked and at least one truck load was destined to Brian Goode’s Rita Corporation. Mr. Goode made a $5,000 contribution to Zinke’s campaign after the tip (a contribution still less than half of Local 150’s), and the destination of the intercepted marijuana was the same address of Andrew Zinke’s Campaign Headquarters. This obviously blew the investigation and Zinke does not deny telling Brian Goode this information. Brian Goode still sits on the McHenry County Merit Commission which is responsible for the promotion and discipline of deputies.

Andrew Zinke was tapped by Sheriff Keith Nygren to replace him as sheriff. Sheriff Nygren has been alleged to be involved in a lot of crime. It is alleged that he has taken bribes, ticket fixing, racial profiling, trafficking illegal aliens from Mexico to McHenry County, and requesting a deputy to kill a judge and coroner’s candidate. Under Sheriff’s Nygren’s watch, Deputy Greg Pyle was on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and is now being charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by the sexual exploitation of a child.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpNow I am inquiring about your support and contribution to Andrew Zinke. Were you aware that Local 150 Union of the Operating Engineers were supporting gangsters in this election? Local 150 is one of the largest supporters with your contribution of $ 12,308.50, why? Local 150 is in over 40 different counties in five states, why make such a large contribution in McHenry County? If Local 150 Union of the Operating Engineers were unaware that they were supporting injustice and corruption, would you be willing in a press release to recant your support and financial backing to Andrew Zinke’s campaign for sheriff? I would hope that you would submit a response to the inquiry of these four questions in a two week time frame.

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpI have been advocating for myself and the good people of McHenry County for justice and transparency. I will be posting this letter and your reply to it on my website. My website is www.amanoacs.com. I get over 10,000 visitors a month. It is mostly people from McHenry County and it grows month over month. A lack of a reply is a reply, or an affirmation that Local 150 Union of the Operating Engineers supports the Regime. I want to thank you for taking the time read my objection to the support of Andrew Zinke for McHenry County Sheriff. I hope to hear from you soon.


Paul Scharff


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I have put together some of the articles that I have written that are prevalent for the upcoming election in MARCH!. This is the Republican Nominee election but probably more important than the general election. It is most likely the winner in March will win in November and become sheriff. If you review the articles in the Knowledge Center, you will read all kinds of unbelievable things as it relates to this election.


My mother and father, Ron and Kathy Scharff, 1969.

Freedom of Information Act Appeal to get the remainder of my father’s file.Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp In my efforts to get to the bottom of my father’s murder and what the McHenry County Sheriff’s office has done to me and my family 33 years ago. I filed a FOIA Request (Freedom of Information Act Request) to get my father’s case file. Many documents were withheld from my request. It is my believe the documents are withheld to protect guilty individuals that are known to Sheriff Keith Nygren and Undersheriff Andrew Zinke that covered up who actually killed my father during the original investigation. Start on page 11 to read what sounds like a murder mystery thriller, but this is my true life. It is backed by FBI reports, witness statements, and newspaper articles.

Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and the Rita Corporation on RT 31Andrew Zinke for McHenry County Sheriff, Really??? This article is based on my own father’s murder investigation and Undersheriff Andrew Zinke. I talked about how he made his own milestones and failed to meet every single one. How it took me calling NBC News Chicago to get Andrew Zinke to return my phone call about my father’s murder investigation, as he was the lead investigator. I am fighting to get the remainder of my father’s case file. It is my believe that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and the Sheriff Keith Nygren are hiding and protecting individuals that covered up the true killer of my father during the original investigation.

Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and the Rita Corporation on RT 31Andrew Zinke plus Rita Corporation equals ON THE TAKE Brian Goode and his RITA Corporation was a person of interest and focal point for the investigation of the distribution of 30 plus tons of marijuana. Undersheriff Andrew Zinke told Brian Goode of the investigation. Two days later, according to Koziol, (Sgt. Koziol was working on the investigation and filed a complaint against Zinke) Goode gave Zinke’s election campaign a $5,000 donation. The RITA Corporation address is the same address as Andrew Zinke’s campaign headquarters.

Deputy Zane SeiplerMcHenry County Deputy Zane Seipler under siege, Again!!Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp Zane Seipler is a whistleblowing deputy that was fired by Keith Nygren after he exposed the sheriff’s office for racial profiling. Nygren was forced to hire Seipler back after he lost an arbitration ruling, a court hearing, an appellate court hearing, and a failed attempt to be heard by the Illinois State Supreme Court. After Seipler was hired back, Nygren fired him again. Zane Seipler is currently fighting to get his job back.

Deputy Scott Milliman in uniform.

Another McHenry County Deputy under siege, Scott Milliman Scott Milliman was a deputy and former right hand man to Sheriff Keith Nygren. He was fired by the sheriff for whistleblowing that the sheriff allegedly transacted in ticket fixing, bribery, general corruption, fraud in a SBA Loan, and in tapping Milliman himself to kill a McHenry County Judge and a Coroner’s Candidate. Scott Milliman is currently fighting to get his job back.

Gary Gauger, of Richmond, was wrongly convicted of murdering his parents in 1993 and sentenced to death. After years in prison his sentence was overturned and two gang members were later convicted of the murders. Gauger is released a book detailing the event called IN SPITE OF THE SYSTEM. (Ryan Rayburn photo)

How Gary Gauger got to DEATH ROW This is the real life, tragic story of Gary Gauger. He was falsely arrested and sent to Death Row by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department for the double murder of his parents. Investigators from the sheriff’s department rigged a false confession so that they could convict him.


Undersheriff Andrew Zinke giving Cal Skinner the finger at the 4th of July Parade in Crystal Lake, IL.

McHenry County Ethics Commission, Ethical or NOT!?!? The McHenry County Ethics Commission conducted a hearing of a complaint filed by Cal Skinner that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke used a government computer for a very politically charged email. The hearing was ran over by Zinke’s attorneys Mark Gummerson and Rebecca Lee. The sign up sheet to speak at the hearing went missing but found in the possession of Rebecca Lee. The commission went into secret session, made its decision, and did so without explanation.

Pete Gonigam, publisher of the First Electric Newspaper.

First Electric Newspaper v.s. Sheriff Nygren and EEO Officer Donald Leist Pete Gonigam won a Public Access Bureau (Illinois States Attorney) appeal for the release of a 100 page report conducted by the McHenry County Sheriff’s office. The report exonerated Undersheriff Andrew Zinke after he told Brian Goode that he and his RITA Corporation was a the focal point of a drug investigation by the DEA.

Undersheriff Andrew Zinke giving Cal Skinner the finger at the 4th of July Parade in Crystal Lake, IL.

Zinke’s middle finger may cost Cal Skinner $5,000Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp After filing a valid ethics complaint against Undersheriff Andrew Zinke for using a government computer for his campaign, Cal Skinner was to face Zinke’s attorney Mark Gummerson. Gummerson was lobbying for a $5,000 fine against Skinner filing a valid complaint. An act of bulling and intimidation of a McHenry County citizen.

Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers

Will McHenry County be Ripped Off by Special Interest in Sheriff Election? I question the interest and the contribution to Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s campaign from the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150 election. I send a letter to the President-Business Manager of the union James M. Sweeney.

Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers

IUOE Local 150 and Andrew Zinke. Is this Gangster Money for a Gangster Cop? The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150 contributes money to Undersheriff’s Andrew Zinke’s campaign. They have known ties to the Colombo and Gambino Crime Families.


Cal Skinner former McHenry County Treasure and State Representative and current editor of the mchenrycountyblog.com.

Undersheriff Andrew Zinke Shuts Down Cal Skinner’s Blog Site Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s campaign was able to get Cal Skinner’s website, mchenrycountyblog.com shut down by falsely accusing him of stalking and linking to obscene material. Read here on how Zinke’s campaign resorts to breaking the law to silence a citizen’s voice.


Zinke-looking-right-eyes-at-cameraAndrew Zinke Fearful to Debate Bill Prim Lies to Get Out of It.Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp Undersheriff Andrew Zinke is so fearful to debate Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff that he lies to get out of it. Zinke knows that he would be out matched, outwitted, and the truth of his corrupt character would be revealed to the citizens of McHenry County. Instead of enduring such damage to his campaign he lies to coward out of it.




  • Duncan Mchenry says:

    Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếpCongratulations James Sweeney you have officially acknowledge your connection to the Nygren and Zinke Circus, and the Regime so closely connected to the Mafia. Local 150 International Union of Operating Engineers home office is located in Joliet, Illinois. They operate in 40 Illinois Counties, including Mchenry County. Though, there is not a high concentration of local 150 workers operating in Mchenry County. So what exactly is the connection between Keith Nygren, Andy Zinke and James Sweeney? It’s called money… Follow the money. Somewhere, along the line there was a kick back or bribe in exchange for contracts in Mchenry County.. In other words, they have done business with the Mchenry County Regime. Which means that the Local 150 leaders provided a kickback for a portion of the value of the contract and they demanded a bribe by an official for securing the contract. Corruption Mchenry Style or business as usual… Federal Officials should be tracking and reviewing bank accounts….. Wake up people… If you want change in Mchenry County Government, come out on election day and vote for Bill Prim.. You have the power of the vote, for which our foreFathers secured and protected on behalf of all of us. When you vote of for Bill Prim you vote for change, which means a newer and better Government in Mchenry County.

  • Duncan Mchenry says:

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